The easy best fun logical way to track your movie collection.


MovieLib is a website that tracks your movies for you. All you have to do is enter in the movies you own and the formats you have available! If you have friends or family with whom you'd like to share your movies, just create a movie collection and add them to it. Then, any time they add a new movie, it'll show up! Perfect for families, roommates, or groups!


Track the movies you own and the movies you want

Whether you're keeping track of the movies you own or the movies you want, MovieLib makes it easy. Forget notepads and spreadsheets; find everything in one spot.

Share movie collections with friends and family

MovieLib is perfect for sharing and tracking movies with friends and family. Just add the movies you own, create a collection, and add your friends and family! Everyone will then be able to see each other's movies which makes it easy to borrow, plan, or coordinate!

Track your movies from anywhere, any device

Since MovieLib tracks your movie library for you, simply log in on any device and have access to your movie library instantly! See some amazing deals on a few movies? Pull out your phone and check MovieLib to see if you already own a copy. Want to see what movies Mom and Dad can bring with them with they visit? No problem.